• Ageing & Ageism

    It is time to recognise the potential of our ageing population to contribute to and enrich our society in many diverse ways given their talents, experience, and wisdom. Equally, their human rights must be affirmed and the many forms of discrimination on grounds of age must be exposed and eliminated. I have tabled a Bill in Seanad Éireann to abolish compulsory retirement at the age of 65. I have set out my vision on the participation of our older citizens in the publication “A New Approach to Ageing & Ageism” and in the Fianna Fail Policy Paper “Active Ageing and Quality Caring” which I authored.

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  • Childcare

    Parents in Ireland pay some of the highest childcare costs in the world, without any guarantee of quality. Families often face an all or nothing choice - to work full-time or to leave paid employment entirely. In 98% of families with one parent at home, it’s the woman who takes that role. The current State approach is a shambles.

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  • Climate Change

    It is understandable that during the recession, the dangers of climate change to the planet and our own communities in Ireland have taken a back seat. We can see the effect of global warming in the terrible effects of stormy seas off the west coast and rising river waters. In Dublin itself, 7 of the 10 highest ever recorded tides in the Liffey occurred in the past 5 years. We can all play our part in reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

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  • Inheritance Tax

    In the last four years the number of people liable for inheritance tax has rocketed by 34%. The dramatic reduction in the thresholds from €500,000 to €280,000 has penalised ordinary Dublin families in particular who are being hit with huge tax bills when they inherit even a modest family home. We are now in a situation where people who are far from wealthy and often in a chronic state of bereavement are being forced to sell the family home in order to meet their tax bill. I am determined to continue to use every channel open to me to sustain the campaign for a more equitable and less punitive inheritance tax regime.

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  • Promoting Female Entrepreneurs

    No country can reach its full economic potential when 50% of our population are left out or left behind. Ireland should promote female entrepreneurial ventures in the same imaginative way that inspired Ireland’s success in promoting foreign direct investment. The time has come to shoot for our ‘North Star’ by mobilising more imaginatively for job creation our greatest underused pool of resources and talents - that of the entrepreneurial potential of women in Ireland.

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  • Rosemount - Taney Community & Sports Centre Campaign

    Since 2007, Rosemount has been promised Community and Sports facilities by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council but every promise has been broken over the years. In 2015, the local authority decided to proceed with another housing development in the midst of Rosemount without first delivering on their earlier Community facility commitment. It is time to end the history of broken promises. Rosemount Taney Community Sports Centre Campaign document, Rosemount -Taney Campaign Letter & Form.

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  • Shared Maternity Leave

    The biggest untapped source of enterprise is Irish women who face multiple barriers in becoming entrepreneurs and developing businesses. The responsibility for raising children rests almost entirely with women. I tabled a proposal in Seanad Éireann to allow fathers to share maternity leave with the mother with her agreement as one step which could be easily implemented. It was accepted in principle on behalf of the Government and I will continue to press for its implementation.

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  • Stepaside Garda Station

    It was sheer folly to close Stepaside Garda Station which served a wide area. Gardaí in Dundrum cannot be expected to cover such a large, growing population. The reopening of the Garda station would mean that there will be a central security focus for the thousands of people who live in the area, the thousands of people who come to work there each day, as well as protection of major organisations, multi-national companies, institutions, and local traders. Fianna Fáil are committed to reopening Stepaside if elected to Government.

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  • Suicide Awareness

    We have all been touched by the incidence of suicide in families we know or in our communities. I have a long standing interest in this subject and set out my views in the document “What we can do about suicide in the New Ireland: Applying the benefits of experience and research to the prevention of suicide and to support of the bereaved in Ireland.”

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  • Youth Unemployment

    The most up-to-date scientific figures published by the CSO indicate that in 2014, 1,600 people were emigrating every week - 800 young Irish people and 800 non-Irish people. The sad fact is that very few of them are coming back. I accept that the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation is doing his best to reduce unemployment but 22% of young people are still unemployed. As far as I am concerned, having 22% youth unemployment is a crisis and needs to be tackled urgently.

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Senator Mary White

Fianna Fáll spokeperson on Jobs Enterprise and Innovation.

An Advocate for a new Approach to Childcare, Ageing & Ageism and sucide Prevention

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