Following the recent flooding of the Little Dargle River in Loreto Park on Friday, November 14 2014, I am delighted to outline the below flood alleviation measures for Loreto Park and Nutgrove Avenue which are going to tender as a matter of priority.

The existing screen in Loreto Park will be replaced with a larger screen much less likely to get blocked by debis.This new screen will be more accessible for Operations Teams, thus making their work safer for them during heavy rainfall. In addition, the new screen will prevent unauthorised persons accessing the culverts.

The Water and Drainage Department are also identifying measures which would help facilitate the return of any flood waters to the culvert using connecting channels which flow through the Western side of the Castle Golf Club, Rathfarnham.

If feasible, this work would include the installation of a new drain on the park side of the Nutgrove Avenue boundary wall. The Water and Drainage Department are also working with the Transportation Department in identifying the locations of additional road gullies and porous manhole covers to facilitate floodwaters back into the culvert.

If you have any queries on this matter or indeed any matter, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Senator Mary White

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